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    Zero Waste Dallas-Area Resources

    I will keep this list updated as I explore and learn more. Please let me know if you’ve found any other places that aid in a lower waste lifestyle. Last updated: January 2024 Bulk Buying: Groceries, Home Care, Personal Care Products Usefull: Love this little booth that pops up across different markets in the Dallas area throughout the month! Bring your own container to refill hair/body care and home care products! (I love their shea butter body cream.)  Volleman’s: You can buy these glass packaged dairy products in stores with a $2 bottle deposit that you can get back when you drop your empty bottle back at the grocery store…

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    Is Plastic-Free Always Eco-Friendly?

    The conversation around plastic always increases this time of year with the arrival of Plastic Free July. And while I do try and avoid plastic when possible, there are times when I’ve realized that the plastic-free option isn’t quite as eco-friendly as I’ve been led to believe. Here are some questions I find myself asking: – Is the amount of water and/or chemicals needed to clean an item in order to reuse it excessive? – Does this plastic-free option have to travel across the country to reach me? Or is there a locally made option (that might be packaged in plastic) available instead?– Does the plastic-free option utilize chemicals or…

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    The Yearly Clothing Care Checklist

    The change of seasons to warmer temps is the perfect time to take inventory of your clothing and give some much needed TLC to your closet. Taking proper care of your clothes helps give life to your wardrobe and keeps items from wearing out too quickly and ending up in a landfill. Here’s a checklist of my yearly clothing care to-dos:

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    Keeping Items out of Landfills

    I had the pleasure of giving a presentation on Conscious Consumption and Keeping Items out of Landfills with the Dallas Public Library. We talked about ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle and had a great Q+A after. If you want to learn more about low waste swaps and how to recycle better — watch the recording!

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    Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

    It’s almost Valentine’s Day! While this isn’t something I REALLY celebrate, it can be nice to give (or receive!) something small to a loved one. I generally look for things that are consumable (to minimize clutter), somewhat eco-friendly, or an experience/activity related gift (the best!). Some fun and easy activities include: And if you still want a little present, I got you covered.

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    The Where to Donate Guide

    Last Updated: January 2023 We all have bits and bobs floating around the house — most are things that go unused because a. we have no need for it b. we have too many of the item c. we don’t like/use it anymore but hold on to it because we don’t want to throw our hard earned money in to the trash. While some of these items may end up in the landfill or recycling facility, most can be donated somewhere it will be given a second life. Yes — your local Goodwill or Salvation Army will take a large chunk of your donations. However, recently I’ve been working on…

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    Recycling Unusable Fabric + Textiles (Underwear Too!)

    We’ve talked about how to recycle your plastics, glass, metal, and paper. And you know where to donate items in good condition. But what about those things that can’t be recycled curbside and aren’t in good enough condition (or are just too gross) to donate? MAINLY — old underwear, hole ridden socks, fabric masks, scrap fabric from your sewing endeavors, torn clothing — do these items HAVE to go to the landfill? Not necessarily. Textiles are recyclable but according to the EPA, only about 14% of all textiles are actually recycled. Throwing these items in the trash bin is definitely the easiest option and honestly, what most people do. BUT,…