Link Round Up #104 + Garden Update

The world is heavy right now and it’s hard to even come up with things to say that people would care about. So for now, I’m investing in the garden and enjoying the mindfulness that comes along with the process of growing these finicky little plants. (And as always… links below.)

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Link Round Up #103 + Garden Update

Here’s this week’s garden video! I’m currently doing a lot of experimenting with growing fall garden seedlings… I have lettuce, broccoli, kale. and spinach growing directly in the garden, under a grow light at home, and in plastic milk jugs on the patio. We’ll see what works the best. Our local garden center has some seedlings available as well… I might get some of those just in case everything else fails! Gardening truly is an exercise in patience.

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Link Round Up #102 + IGTV Update

My tiny joy right now is vegetable gardening at the community garden. I’m learning so much and find the whole process a wonderfully restorative affair. In addition, over half the produce at the garden goes to the local food pantry while the rest is ours to keep and cook with. Wins all around. I’m planning on no frills recording my weekly adventures at the garden… so make sure to follow me on Instagram to watch a few minutes of gardening zen every week. We’re currently harvesting the last of the eggplants and waiting for broccoli/lettuce/carrot seedlings to sprout. *fingers crossed* We’re also in charge of the garden’s compost pile… so I’ll be sharing how that looks as well.… // Continue reading.

Finding Joy in the Little Things

I think we can all agree that this year is shit. COVID, racial injustice, political unrest, natural disasters, deaths of beloved public figures… the list goes on. But on top of that… life still goes on. The day to day might look a bit different but the seasons still change, birthdays pass, babies are born, people die, gardens grow… While it may feel like we want to fast forward the next year, it’s still important to acknowledge the present and live through this season of life. If you and your loved ones are blessed to be healthy in this moment — focus on all the little things in life that make it rich and layered and wonderful… even when things are shit.… // Continue reading.