Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

It’s almost Valentine’s Day! While this isn’t something I REALLY celebrate, it can be nice to give (or receive!) something small to a loved one. I generally look for things that are consumable (to minimize clutter), somewhat eco-friendly, or an experience/activity related gift (the best!).

Some fun and easy activities include:

  • Rom-com movie night (either at home with candy + popcorn) or at the theater
  • A cooking class (I love the Central Market classes in Dallas)
  • At home steak night — make it bougie and try to recreate all your favorite sides and desserts (this is what my husband and I do every year)
  • Cookie decorating party with friends (some cute ideas)
  • At home spa night (with candles, robes, bath bombs, etc.)

And if you still want a little present, I got you covered.

  1. This lotion bar. Refillable, eco-friendly, and luxurious.
  2. Similarly, this body balm in a beautiful refillable gold container.
  3. This refillable lipstick.
  4. And this refillable cream blush.
  5. I love these eco-friendly candles from Siblings and they have an adorable set available for Valentine’s Day.
  6. Instead of your traditional bouquet, go for a potted rose!
  7. For the cook — this tin of good olive oil (in a cute pink canister).
  8. This set of hot chocolate in tins from Spicewalla. They also have a lot of other great spice sets.
  9. A cookbook (and these are so easy to find used, whether on ebay, Amazon, or Half Priced Books). I really love this one that I got for Christmas!

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