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The Yearly Clothing Care Checklist

The change of seasons to warmer temps is the perfect time to take inventory of your clothing and give some much needed TLC to your closet. Taking proper care of your clothes helps give life to your wardrobe and keeps items from wearing out too quickly and ending up in a landfill. Here’s a checklist of my yearly clothing care to-dos:

  • Steam clean or at-home dry clean winter coats
  • Hand wash delicate blouses and dresses
  • Deep clean/soak any tops with dried on sweat stains
  • Polish and condition leather shoes, bags, and jackets
  • Clean sneakers (especially your white ones!)
  • Take shoes to cobbler for any sole replacement and heel repairs
  • Mend or patch small holes in fabric
  • De-pill sweaters and other knits
  • Cut off any loose threads or snags in fabric
  • Hem any clothes that are unworn due to length
  • Change up the style or color of unworn clothing that still has some life in them (Add a fun patch your jacket, dye that cotton top a different color, or turn a long tee into a crop! The possibilities are endless.)
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