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    Zero Waste Dallas-Area Resources

    I will keep this list updated as I explore and learn more. Please let me know if you’ve found any other places that aid in a lower waste lifestyle. Last updated: January 2024 Bulk Buying: Groceries, Home Care, Personal Care Products Usefull: Love this little booth that pops up across different markets in the Dallas area throughout the month! Bring your own container to refill hair/body care and home care products! (I love their shea butter body cream.)  Volleman’s: You can buy these glass packaged dairy products in stores with a $2 bottle deposit that you can get back when you drop your empty bottle back at the grocery store…

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    Keeping Items out of Landfills

    I had the pleasure of giving a presentation on Conscious Consumption and Keeping Items out of Landfills with the Dallas Public Library. We talked about ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle and had a great Q+A after. If you want to learn more about low waste swaps and how to recycle better — watch the recording!

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    Recycling Unusable Fabric + Textiles (Underwear Too!)

    We’ve talked about how to recycle your plastics, glass, metal, and paper. And you know where to donate items in good condition. But what about those things that can’t be recycled curbside and aren’t in good enough condition (or are just too gross) to donate? MAINLY — old underwear, hole ridden socks, fabric masks, scrap fabric from your sewing endeavors, torn clothing — do these items HAVE to go to the landfill? Not necessarily. Textiles are recyclable but according to the EPA, only about 14% of all textiles are actually recycled. Throwing these items in the trash bin is definitely the easiest option and honestly, what most people do. BUT,…

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    Plastic Free July Time

    I just got back from an epic trip to Japan and South Korea so forgive the lack of posts! I have a lot of travel related content coming up soon. In the meantime, since it IS Plastic Free July — I’ve updated last year’s post. Enjoy! Happy July! AND Happy Plastic Free July! Started in Australia, Plastic Free July now reaches over 2 million people across the globe. During the month of July, participants commit to reduce and eliminate plastic use. You can choose to 1. Avoid single use plastic packaging 2. Eliminate use of takeaway items (bags, bottles, straws, coffee cups) or 3. Go completely plastic-free. I highly recommend…

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    May Edition: What’s in my Trash?

    Our household is currently at the point where we fill up about one kitchen-sized trash bag a month. Because, honestly, trash is inevitable. And I’m a 100% okay with that. I just try and do my best and minimize waste whenever I can. So what still ends up in my trash? Let’s take a look at May. Floss — apparently my husband’s dentist doesn’t think his water flosser and compostable floss is working enough… so — it’s back old school floss for him. Sheet mask packaging — I still have a stockpile of these to get through. I love them but they’re so wasteful. Electric toothbrush head — The electric…

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    What I Learned From Doing A School Recycling Audit

    One of my responsibilities as a Recycling Ambassador for my city involves conducting “recycling audits” on local schools. These audits aid schools in bettering their recycling practices by pointing out areas of improvement. After auditing schools, I gained a better understanding of what works in encouraging large groups of people (kids and adults) to properly recycle. So use these tips if you are looking to encourage better recycling practices at your office, school, or other community space! Put trash next to the recycling. Like. RIGHT NEXT TO IT. Don’t stick it 5 feet away. Otherwise, people will just throw things away in whatever is closest/most convenient. Put trash and recycling…

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    My Zero Waste Car Kit

    First off, what is a zero waste car kit? Basically — it’s the collection of items you always have stored in your car that’ll help reduce your waste while you are out and about in the world. This includes items needed for grocery shopping, coffee buying, eating out, etc. I love having a car kit because it keeps me from forgetting anything at home and I’m always prepared for any scenario. So what’s in my kit? And how do you create your own? Gather the following: 1. A cardboard box. I use this to corral all my items together in my trunk so things don’t roll around all over the…