The Little Things

On this election day, I’m inspired by A Cup of Jo’s post on simple pleasures. After the 2016 election (a night I spent crying in my bathtub with a panic attack), I find it important to balance my hunger for change on a large scale with gratitude for the simple things on a personal level. I vote, I volunteer in my city, I donate to candidates/organizations that represent my values, I work a job that aligns with making the world a better place. I read fluffy novels, cuddle with puppies, spend too long figuring out what color to paint my nails, decorate my house to look like a Christmas elf threw up on it. Today is one of those days when I’ve done what I can for the big things (for this tiny moment in time). And now I wait. And focus on the little things. The small pleasures in life that bring joy and gratitude and remind me that life goes on. That both the big things and the little joys can coexist. Here are my simple pleasures:

When the stars align and I make the perfect cup of David Rio iced chai to taste just like the coffee shop version.
Kissing my dogs behind the ears.
The woods near our home on a cold, misty morning.
Scout carrying a too large stick in her mouth on her morning walk.
Shadow sleeping on my stomach while I watch tv.
Jetlag that causes me to wake up at 5 AM and enjoy dawn.
Finally getting a notification that a much wanted book is available at the library.
Reading about first love.
Finding sweatpants that hide dog fur.
Seeing Lord of the Rings come up on the tv guide.
The smell of cold air after a long, hot summer.
Finding something I thought I lost.
Crossing off items on my to do list (in a journal I bought in London).
Watching videos on Youtube on a lazy Sunday morning.
A truly excellent glazed donut.

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