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    The Yearly Clothing Care Checklist

    The change of seasons to warmer temps is the perfect time to take inventory of your clothing and give some much needed TLC to your closet. Taking proper care of your clothes helps give life to your wardrobe and keeps items from wearing out too quickly and ending up in a landfill. Here’s a checklist of my yearly clothing care to-dos:

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    Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

    It’s almost Valentine’s Day! While this isn’t something I REALLY celebrate, it can be nice to give (or receive!) something small to a loved one. I generally look for things that are consumable (to minimize clutter), somewhat eco-friendly, or an experience/activity related gift (the best!). Some fun and easy activities include: And if you still want a little present, I got you covered.

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    Healthy Habits in a Trying Year

    At this point… no one wants to hear “you should eat healthy!” or “do a HIIT workout 5x/week!” … many are just trying to survive/get through this year without feeling guilty that they aren’t doing the “right” thing. I’m definitely on this boat but at the same time… I also don’t want to feel like total physical (and mental) crap. So how do you balance the two? Enter tiny, achievable habits that don’t involve saying “No, that’s not allowed.” For me, that looks like the following: Add water. Not “drink water instead of copious cups of chai” but rather… just have the cup of water around while drinking chai. At…

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    2020 Holiday Gift Guide (from Small(er) Businesses)

    Shopping small is always, always important but especially so this holiday season. Many small businesses are struggling and it’s up to those fortunate enough to be able to buy gifts during this time to support them! Yes, you may have to plan your gifts a bit more in advance and wait longer for shipping but it is so worth it. The gifts below are nothing big… just little things that spark joy or feelings of comfort… which I think is perfect for this year. Girlfriend Collective Please Recycle Socks: Recycled and recyclable socks? Yes, please. I especially love the mocha color! (This is probably the “biggest” business on this list……

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    Finding Joy in the Little Things

    I think we can all agree that this year is shit. COVID, racial injustice, political unrest, natural disasters, deaths of beloved public figures… the list goes on. But on top of that… life still goes on. The day to day might look a bit different but the seasons still change, birthdays pass, babies are born, people die, gardens grow… While it may feel like we want to fast forward the next year, it’s still important to acknowledge the present and live through this season of life. If you and your loved ones are blessed to be healthy in this moment — focus on all the little things in life that…

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    Summertime Hygge

    ?Green was the silence, wet was the light, the month of June trembled like a butterfly.? ??Pablo Neruda I hope you had a restful summer solstice (for those of you in the Northern hemisphere!) during this difficult time in the world. Remember, it’s important to rest and take care of yourself in order to do your part in bettering the world. Which leads me to some summer self care ideas. When I think of summer, the words cozy/comfortable/hygge don’t necessarily come to mind. In Texas, it’s more along the lines of sticky/oppressive/claustrophobic. Which, for someone like me, who lives for feeling cozy at all times (and hates the feeling of…

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    Be An Anti-Racist Ally

    There is not much I can say that hasn’t already been said by those far more eloquent. For me, the best way I can be helpful right now is by having small group conversations with my communities to encourage open dialogue and learn/teach/empathize. Hopefully these smaller conversations lead to larger ripples. With that in mind, some of my colleagues and I put together a list of resources for our fellow coworkers to help educate those who want to learn more about racism, the black community, talking to children about race, and ways to be an ally. What Is White Privilege, Really? What Does “Black Lives Matter” Actually Mean? ? Why…