Finding Joy in the Little Things

I think we can all agree that this year is shit. COVID, racial injustice, political unrest, natural disasters, deaths of beloved public figures… the list goes on. But on top of that… life still goes on. The day to day might look a bit different but the seasons still change, birthdays pass, babies are born, people die, gardens grow… While it may feel like we want to fast forward the next year, it’s still important to acknowledge the present and live through this season of life. If you and your loved ones are blessed to be healthy in this moment — focus on all the little things in life that make it rich and layered and wonderful… even when things are shit.… // Continue reading.

Summertime Hygge

“Green was the silence, wet was the light,

the month of June trembled like a butterfly.”

― Pablo Neruda

I hope you had a restful summer solstice (for those of you in the Northern hemisphere!) during this difficult time in the world. Remember, it’s important to rest and take care of yourself in order to do your part in bettering the world. Which leads me to some summer self care ideas. When I think of summer, the words cozy/comfortable/hygge don’t necessarily come to mind. In Texas, it’s more along the lines of sticky/oppressive/claustrophobic. Which, for someone like me, who lives for feeling cozy at all times (and hates the feeling of sunscreen), makes summer somewhat difficult for me.… // Continue reading.

Be An Anti-Racist Ally

There is not much I can say that hasn’t already been said by those far more eloquent. For me, the best way I can be helpful right now is by having small group conversations with my communities to encourage open dialogue and learn/teach/empathize. Hopefully these smaller conversations lead to larger ripples.

With that in mind, some of my colleagues and I put together a list of resources for our fellow coworkers to help educate those who want to learn more about racism, the black community, talking to children about race, and ways to be an ally.

What Is White Privilege, Really? // Continue reading.

What To Look Forward To

I never thought this would happen but here we are… almost 3 months in to this pandemic and quarantine. While things in my state are reopening, cases haven’t consistently gone down for the recommended amount of time for it to be considered “safe”. So… we’re still mostly hanging out at home, getting take out, and limiting activities to things that can be done outside (Arboretum, farmer’s market, berry picking, parks). Unfortunately, the activities that my husband and I enjoy the most (travel, concerts, live sports, more travel, live sports while traveling) are indefinitely on hold.

As someone who takes great joy in looking forward to and planning these things… it’s a bit of a bummer.… // Continue reading.

Traveling with Cookbooks

As you may have gathered, traveling is my number one hobby. And some thing I (and everyone) am unable to do for the foreseeable future. One of my favorite parts of traveling is THE FOOD. So how can I bring a little bit of my travel + food love inside the home? By traveling with my cookbooks. While attempting to make some delicious and different recipes from some favorite places around the world might not be quite the same as experiencing the cuisine in person… it’s the best I have at the moment! So without further ado… here are my favorite “travel” cookbooks.… // Continue reading.