Link Round Up #58

Favorites from the week:

The ABC’s of minimalism.

Love this eco-friendly straw breakdown from Boba Guys (highly recommend if you are in NY, LA, or SF).

How to mentally cool down this summer.

So cute. Human anatomy according to my dog.

Striking photos that show the environmental decline along the Ganges.

Starter brands for growing a minimalist wardrobe.

Saving this list of airbnbs in Monterey.

The real Full House home is on the market and is gorgeous!

How to deal with a difficult manager.

Sustainable kitchen tools that are built to last.

Link Round Up #55

Favorites from the week (there’s a real plastic theme going on here):

Microplastics have invaded the deep ocean.

Mini toiletries in hotels might be going away.

Stop buying plastic crap for your kiddos.

Non-plastic organizers.

Hack your iPhone’s “do not disturb while driving” functionality to spend less time on your phone.

There is too much stuff. And too many options.

A self care approach to making plans.

On India’s obsession with fair skin.

Do dogs dream?

And something fun. These two are gems.