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Plastic Free July Tips for 2021

It’s that time again — Plastic Free July! While every day should involve doing your best to save our planet, Plastic Free July is a great time to explore even more ways to reduce plastic waste. At this point, reusable bags/straws/water bottles are becoming a bit more mainstream… so let’s talk about some other ways to challenge yourself to go plastic free.

  1. Hair/body care products: This month, make it a goal to replace at least one of your plastic shampoo/conditioner/body wash bottles with a package free, bar soap option. (I’d say the easiest one to replace is body wash as there are so many bar soap options from both small, local businesses and large companies.)
  2. Pantry staples: While you may not have one of those cool bulk stores nearby, most grocery stores have bulk options for grains, chocolate, dry herbs, etc. Start off by finding one pantry staple that’s available in bulk, bring your own bag, and refill away.
  3. Oral care: This is a great time to swap out your usual toothpaste with one packaged in aluminum or even switch over to toothpaste tabs (packaged in paper)!
  4. Laundry: Switch over from liquid laundry detergent in the big plastic jug to powdered detergent stored in paper.
  5. Dairy products: The Dallas area recently got our own milkman! I go through a decent amount of milk which I usually purchase in the largest plastic jug available (it’s all that morning chai…) but now I can get milk delivered in glass bottles (that I can then wash + return)! Game changer. And I love supporting a local business. Even if you don’t have your own local dairy producer, make an effort to look around the grocery store to find dairy (or whatever drink of your choosing) that’s stored in glass.

Overall, the goal is to just be mindful of the plastic products you are bringing into your home. Some things are just unavoidable… but if you see a reasonable, non-plastic-packaged alternative, take a chance!

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