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    Zero Waste + Eco-Friendly New Year?s Resolutions (for 2021)

    First off, I’m using the word ‘resolutions’ very loosely here… if 2020 taught us anything… it’s that plans/goals/resolutions can very, very easily go down the drain. So. Be kind to yourself. For me, these are aspirations… goals… a few things I hope to try out this year. There’s a new refill store in Dallas! Yay! It seems they have a booth at the Dallas Farmer’s Market every Saturday + Sunday for a few toiletry + home essentials. I’m so excited to try them out once I run out of some current stuff. I definitely want to try out their liquid dish soap, laundry detergent, and body cream! Keep an eye…

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    Healthy Habits in a Trying Year

    At this point… no one wants to hear “you should eat healthy!” or “do a HIIT workout 5x/week!” … many are just trying to survive/get through this year without feeling guilty that they aren’t doing the “right” thing. I’m definitely on this boat but at the same time… I also don’t want to feel like total physical (and mental) crap. So how do you balance the two? Enter tiny, achievable habits that don’t involve saying “No, that’s not allowed.” For me, that looks like the following: Add water. Not “drink water instead of copious cups of chai” but rather… just have the cup of water around while drinking chai. At…

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    Link Round Up #107 + Garden Update

    Winter is here and the garden is growing! View this post on Instagram A post shared by Less is Meera (@lessismeera) In other news… I added to my Christmas village with this DIY A frame cabin putz house. Made out of a cardboard box + acrylic paint + cotton balls + Christmas ornaments + epsom salt (for the snow)…. all things we had in the house. And I love it! View this post on Instagram A post shared by Less is Meera (@lessismeera) Favorites from the week: Why social media makes you feel old. On hyper seasonal eating strategies. Why Americans have turned to nesting. A guide to gifting mindfully…

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    2020 Holiday Gift Guide (from Small(er) Businesses)

    Shopping small is always, always important but especially so this holiday season. Many small businesses are struggling and it’s up to those fortunate enough to be able to buy gifts during this time to support them! Yes, you may have to plan your gifts a bit more in advance and wait longer for shipping but it is so worth it. The gifts below are nothing big… just little things that spark joy or feelings of comfort… which I think is perfect for this year. Girlfriend Collective Please Recycle Socks: Recycled and recyclable socks? Yes, please. I especially love the mocha color! (This is probably the “biggest” business on this list……

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    Make Your Clothes Last

    A huge part of both the zero waste and minimalist lifestyles involve taking care of what you already own so that you aren’t buying things unnecessarily. This is incredibly important especially when it comes to clothing. A few simple steps can help prolong the life of your clothes and prevent items from inevitably ending up in the landfill or getting downcycled. Wash your clothes gently/per label instructions. I almost always wash my clothes with cold water and on a gentle or “casual” cycle. I then dry my clothing on the low setting (or hang to dry in my closet). It takes a bit longer but my clothes take less of…

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    Link Round Up #106 + Garden Update

    View this post on Instagram Some garden updates! Take a moment of zen and watch me do some fall gardening. This week we're planting some kale transplants, protecting the greens from evil cabbage loppers, testing out some leek seeds, mulching to prevent weeds, and harvesting more roselle. #garden #gardening #fallgarden #vegetablegarden #communitygarden #momentofzen #slowliving #simpleliving #harvest #compost #cottagecore #gardenasmr A post shared by Less is Meera (@lessismeera) on Oct 16, 2020 at 8:40am PDT Secrets to a fairly fulfilled life. How to cope with election anxiety. How work became inescapable. A candy-less, costume-less guide to feeling the Halloween spirit.