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Things To Do Instead of Online Shopping

Mindless online shopping can definitely be the enemy of anyone trying to live a more mindful, minimal lifestyle. It’s just SO EASY to purchase anything your heart desires. And let’s not even get into the dopamine surge that comes from shopping. I’ve definitely been guilty of this as well. I’ve found that the best way to curb this unnecessary spending is finding other things to do at home that doesn’t cost any money but leaves me feeling happy, fulfilled, or productive. Here are the 25 things I do instead of online shopping. What about you?

  1. Take a bath (and use up all my bath bombs!)
  2. Paint nails
  3. Do workouts or yoga found on YouTube
  4. Bake something with whatever is in the kitchen
  5. Prune, fertilize, de-weed garden beds
  6. Do a puzzle
  7. Read a book from the library
  8. Listen to a podcast
  9. Find old clothes to sell on Poshmark
  10. Learn how to make a new cocktail
  11. Practice new hairstyles using YouTube tutorials
  12. Surf Pinterest for life inspiration
  13. Do paint touch ups around the house
  14. Binge watch Korean dramas (I loved Descendents of the Sun!)
  15. Work on adult coloring books
  16. Vacuum up all the crumbs and dust in drawers
  17. Stretch!
  18. Send an email to a friend
  19. Look up events going on nearby (I use GuideLive here in Dallas)
  20. Change/wash bedsheets (because nothing beats clean sheets and I guarantee you aren’t washing them as often as you need to)
  21. Run around with the dogs or teach them a new trick
  22. Dance party
  23. Watch music videos
  24. Spend time deleting files/organizing computer (and minimizing digital life)
  25. Schedule necessary appointments
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