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The Current State… of Waste

It’s been a while! I, like so many others in the blogging space, have been at a loss for words in general… with all that’s been going on in the world over the past 3 years… and also just the general switch over to TikTok/short form videos for content. However, I’m still old school… I like writing down my thoughts on all the random things. I enjoy being able to go back to old writings to think about and laugh at. I’m definitely due to update the monster zero waste list, the Dallas-area resources list, and my do not buy list.

I think with the past almost 3(!!!) years of COVID and general world dysfunction, my views on zero waste as a whole have shifted. There is only so much individual consumers can do without government and corporations getting their shit together. So my mindset has shifted more to mindful consumerism… what companies is my money supporting? how can I more thoughtfully purchase items? how can I support businesses that align with my values? is it worth purchasing this product if it means I need to ship the packaging elsewhere for recycling?

In addition, I continue to compost all my food waste but have started using a service to do so (after my compost bin finally succumbed to the elements… RIP). I still get grocery pick up (which doesn’t allow me to use my own bags) but I make sure to only buy what’s needed and to buy the most responsible packaging I can find (glass, aluminum, larger plastic bottles). I don’t beat myself up because I know I’m doing the best I can.

So that’s where I’m at! What about you? How have things changed for you regarding your mindset about zero waste?

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