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    Link Round Up #10

    So many good ones this week: Zero waste lunch packing. What happens to the plastic we throw out. On desiring less and minimalism. On zero waste and happiness. Zero waste on the go. “It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be something.” Does your recycling actually get recycled? 6 things you’re recycling wrong.

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    Minimal Waste Grocery Haul

    Took some quick pictures of our weekly grocery run. We went to the Central Market in Dallas, which has a great selection of bulk items (and loose salad greens!). As you can see — this isn’t 100% zero waste but I’m happy with where we are at. From top left to bottom right: Canned La Croix: 100% recyclable. I use this to make homemade soda. Beef burger patties: Wrapped in butcher paper (I’ve heard mixed things about whether this can be composted or not). When I open this up, I’ll see if the paper has a “plastic-y” coating on the inside or not. If it does — trash. If not,…

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    Link Round Up #9

    Favorites from the week: On learnings from therapy. In defense of the local gym. On minimizing the pressure of consumer culture. A mindful minimalism checklist. An interview with Motherhood author. On skipping breakfast. (I’m a morning chai + early lunch type so I’m happy to hear that it isn’t terrible to skip.)  

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    Minimal Waste Travel

    As someone who travels a fair amount, I really do try to be mindful of the trash I produce while exploring the world. But. Reducing waste while traveling is HARD. Between all the trash created during long haul flights, hotel toiletries, quick meals out in a new city… it’s easy to create a significant mound of trash during a week-long trip. So… what do we do? Nope — we don’t need to be perfect. My primary reason for traveling is to explore. And if exploring leads to a bit of waste… it’s okay. However, I am mindful to not create too much unnecessary waste. Here are my tips for reducing…

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    Zero Waste Doggos

    Meet our dogs, Scout and Sydney. Sydney is our 14 year old golden and Scout is our 1 year old golden. Aren’t they cute? Now. Dogs sure do produce a lot of waste. They eat a lot. Poop a lot. Destroy things a lot. BUT it is possible to reduce the amount of dog related things that go to the landfill. Here’s what we do for the most commonly used/needed items. Food: Unfortunately, it is very difficult to find bulk dog food — especially for the brand you might want. We do a combination of canned food (which we recycle) and Holistic Select dog food. Holistic Select is part of…