Kitchen Remodel

And now a break from your regularly scheduled programming… I wanted to share some pictures from our recent mini kitchen remodel! I’ve been jonesing to lighten up our kitchen since we moved in 3 years ago… and we finally bit the bullet and got it done! I loved our kitchen’s layout, storage, and counter space… but it just didn’t feel like our style (i.e. just a bit too traditional looking). If we had an unlimited budget, I’m sure we would’ve updated the countertops to a white quartz… but it wasn’t worth it to us when we could upgrade the cabinet color, backsplash, and cabinet hardware and have a big impact. Here are some before pictures:

Basically… super builder grade looking.

And here are the afters!

Cabinet paint color: Sherwin Williams in Creamy (oil-based, satin finish, brushed on); this is a great shade for cabinets if you aren’t looking for the stark white look.
Backsplash: Ceramic tile backsplash (semi-gloss); we didn’t pick the brightest white, but rather one shade up to give it more of an ivory finish to go with the countertops and cabinet color more.
Gold hardware from Amazon in various sizes: Reviews were mostly good for these with some misses but we’ve had a good experience with these. They look great, are inexpensive, and feel sturdy when properly installed.

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