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Finding Joy in the Little Things

I think we can all agree that this year is shit. COVID, racial injustice, political unrest, natural disasters, deaths of beloved public figures… the list goes on. But on top of that… life still goes on. The day to day might look a bit different but the seasons still change, birthdays pass, babies are born, people die, gardens grow… While it may feel like we want to fast forward the next year, it’s still important to acknowledge the present and live through this season of life. If you and your loved ones are blessed to be healthy in this moment — focus on all the little things in life that make it rich and layered and wonderful… even when things are shit. Here are the little things that bring me joy right now…

  • Seeing the high temperature drop 20 degrees in the course of 10 days. Fall… is that you?
  • And similarly, looking forward to eating out on some patios!
  • Waking up to an unexpected thunderstorm
  • Planning for winter gardening at the Community Garden — lots of greens coming my way!
  • Building my version of The Green Dragon (from LOTR) in Animal Crossing
  • Petting soft puppy ears
  • Watching any and all live sports on tv
  • Looking forward to new albums from favorite artists
  • Testing a new dessert recipe (and it actually tasting good! for me, this was a panna cotta recipe)
  • Getting cozy to skies darkening a bit earlier these evenings (and getting to use my twinkle lights)
  • Finding my favorite loungewear on Poshmark in my size (the Aerie sunwashed desert collection is such a win for Texas weather)
  • Napping twice a day on weekends
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