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Zero Waste + Eco-Friendly New Year?s Resolutions (for 2021)

First off, I’m using the word ‘resolutions’ very loosely here… if 2020 taught us anything… it’s that plans/goals/resolutions can very, very easily go down the drain. So. Be kind to yourself. For me, these are aspirations… goals… a few things I hope to try out this year.

  1. There’s a new refill store in Dallas! Yay! It seems they have a booth at the Dallas Farmer’s Market every Saturday + Sunday for a few toiletry + home essentials. I’m so excited to try them out once I run out of some current stuff. I definitely want to try out their liquid dish soap, laundry detergent, and body cream! Keep an eye out in your local community for new shops like this and support them this year!
  2. This one is more minimalism related but I want to be better at returning items that don’t work out. If something feels “eh” or just doesn’t work out… don’t be afraid to return it! Ultimately it’ll save me the headache of trying to sell something that doesn’t work out/find a way to responsibly discard it.
  3. Learn to sew with the sewing machine. While I can handle some minor clothing repairs, my sewing skills are pretty minimal. I plan on borrowing my mom’s machine to practice my skills so I can repair/maintain (or even create!) my clothing.
  4. Find ways to use up ingredients/materials that I would otherwise compost. Lately, I’ve been forgoing composting things like carrot/beet tops and greens on the verge of going bad by turning it into pesto. Or using fruit scraps to make zests, flavored sugars, and jams. Or saving eggshells to help fertilize plants in my veggie garden.
  5. Buy more fruits and veggies that are in-season. I’ve been more mindful of this since I started gardening at the local community garden but I can definitely do better. Right now, I’m trying ALL the delicious citrus fruits that are in-season (opposed to trying to buy berries). It’s good for the environment/body/wallet and it helps you feel more connected to the changing seasons.
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