Minimalist Morning Skincare Routine

A mindful morning routine doesn’t just have to apply to what you do. Minimalism and mindfulness can also take place in your skincare routine. I’ve mentioned before that skincare is one of my “luxury items” — however, lately, that’s been changing. While most of my skincare isn’t plastic free — there are overall a lot fewer products that need to be recycled or TerraCycled. In addition, I stay mindful of the ingredients in each product. Ultimately my goal is for my products to be simple, effective, and with a hint of luxe — because, why not?

1. Origins Cleansing Oil 2.
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My Morning Routine

One of my favorite books is called Daily Rituals: How Artists Work and I LOVE a good routine or ritual. This is especially important for the mornings. Starting the day off in a whirlwind of chaos is just setting you up for an even more chaotic day. A calm, mindful morning where you and your family are put first is important for everyone’s sanity. Over the years, I’ve nailed down the routine that works best for me and sets me up for success. So find what works for you and tell me about your morning routine!

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