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The Joy of Letting Things Go

Last week’s big news was about Meghan and Harry “stepping back” as senior royals (I was not surprised and think it’s a big hell yeah/mic drop/eff yall moment). Whatever your thoughts on this are, it’s clear that the decision to let go of something this huge was done with their mental health and future happiness in mind. This got me thinking about the great joy that can come from letting something go (whether it be a situation or physical objects). I think the words “letting go” can have a sad/negative connotation but I find so much freedom and happiness in it.

So in the spirit of Meghan Thee Markle — let’s let go of things (both physical and mental) that aren’t working! You officially have permission to let go of:
– that acquaintance on Facebook who you don’t particularly enjoy talking to (unfriend)
– feeling compelled to spend time with an old friend (who perhaps isn’t even a friend anymore) who only contacts you once a year
– that nasty tea you tried once and now sits in your cupboard untouched (compost it!)
– that sweater you thrifted that ended up fitting oddly (donate it!)
– the 3 year old body wash that smells like chemical candy (and you’re over that chemical candy life now)
– your collection of souvenir mugs and shot glasses that are gathering dust
– that decor item you bought because it was on clearance at Target but just looks weird in your home now
– thinking you have to say “yes” to everything because it might disappoint someone
– that large piece of exercise equipment that you don’t use but keep around because it cost so much

Let go and feel the weight lift off your shoulders! What are you letting go of this year?

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