Link Round Up

Link Round Up #36 (and Happy New Year!)

Happy New Year! Hope your first week back to work wasn’t too terrible (my brain is still trying to catch up). My eco-friendly/minimalist resolutions for the year will be coming next week once I’ve had some time to ruminate on them. Until then… 

Favorites from the week:

Sashiko denim repair. (I’ve been trying to be better about repairing my clothes opposed to immediately recycling or donating.)

Plastic free home tips.

Responsibly made underwear options.

10 ingredients to always have on hand. (As a household that cooks a lot, these posts always fascinate me!)

Love the home you live in.

Buzziest wellness trends of 2019. (I’m definitely on board with ALL OF THESE.)

40 things to do to be happier and healthier this year.

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