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Zero Waste Cleaning Products I Quit

Recently, I talked about my pared down cleaning supplies. And while some of the items on there are low waste, I’ve definitely introduced some “traditional” (aka non zero waste) products to the mix. Specifically, there are a few zero waste cleaning related products that I quit (I KNOW) but you gotta do what works best for your household!

First up, we had the wooden toilet brush. RIP. I found most toilet brushes (wood or not) kind of gross and dreaded cleaning the toilet. Also, it was really slow to compost in my backyard pile. On top of that, I still needed some kind of toilet bowl cleaner to use with the brush. Enter — Clorox ToiletWand. The disposable heads have cleaner already in them and I can dispose the wand head when I’m done using it. I personally find it more hygienic and honestly not terribly wasteful (considering I just dispose of the foam head and don’t have to buy any bottles of toilet cleaner).

Next up, wooden dish scrubbers with dish washing bar soap. I admit, I’m not the primary dish washer in our household. My husband is. And he hated these. He felt like a film was left on the dishes and wanted stronger bristles. Also, like the wooden toilet brush, the wooden dish scrubber heads did not compost quickly. So we’re back to using a refillable dish wand with whatever liquid dish soap I can get in bulk.

Finally, I said goodbye to my Blueland refillable cleaners. I really wanted to love these but after all my bottles cracked while shoving the dissolving tablets into the bottle — I called it quits. I know there are other brands out there (and I might have just had crap luck) but I have found it much easier (and way cheaper) to just reuse an old Method bottle and putting some combo of water/vinegar/multipurpose concentrate in there. Works just fine.

So there you have it! Are there any zero waste cleaning products you no longer use?

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