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Little Thoughts: [Very] Imperfect Zero Wasting

I’ve always been an “imperfect” zero/low waster. I do my best and am as mindful as possible but I don’t drive myself crazy over it. During this time, I’ve allowed myself to be very imperfect and to be okay with it. Yes, our household is producing more waste these days. More take out containers (some can be recycled, some can be composted, and some are trash) to support local businesses. More packaged goods and packaging from delivery boxes to support social distancing efforts and to avoid going to the store as much as possible.

On the other hand, with all the cooking that we’re doing, we’re composting more than ever. We’re getting creative with items we already have. Time is spent on activities that don’t lead to much or any waste. I’m paring down our possessions even more and selling secondhand items online. I’m thinking of more ways to save water and researching even more ways to be eco-friendly.

It’s all in the balance. And hopefully when this is all over, we’ll all be kinder to the environment.

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