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    Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

    It’s almost Valentine’s Day! While this isn’t something I REALLY celebrate, it can be nice to give (or receive!) something small to a loved one. I generally look for things that are consumable (to minimize clutter), somewhat eco-friendly, or an experience/activity related gift (the best!). Some fun and easy activities include: And if you still want a little present, I got you covered.

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    2020 Holiday Gift Guide (from Small(er) Businesses)

    Shopping small is always, always important but especially so this holiday season. Many small businesses are struggling and it’s up to those fortunate enough to be able to buy gifts during this time to support them! Yes, you may have to plan your gifts a bit more in advance and wait longer for shipping but it is so worth it. The gifts below are nothing big… just little things that spark joy or feelings of comfort… which I think is perfect for this year. Girlfriend Collective Please Recycle Socks: Recycled and recyclable socks? Yes, please. I especially love the mocha color! (This is probably the “biggest” business on this list……

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    Lovely Eco-Friendly Wedding Gifts

    It’s summer. Which means… it’s wedding season. Maybe you are getting married and trying to create a thoughtful registry. Or perhaps you are a guest who wants to give something lovely but earth friendly. Either way, I have some ideas for you. The key is to find items that are useful, a bit luxe (perhaps something a friend or family member wouldn’t buy for themselves), and ethical/sustainable/eco-friendly/secondhand/whatever matters most to you. (Just remember to gift wrap things in the least wasteful way.)

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    The Less is Meera Holiday Gift Guide

    First off — as much as I love minimalism and zero/low waste… I’m not going to tell you to forego gift giving. This is the one time of year that I enjoy giving (and receiving!) mindful gifts. But that’s the key word… mindful. Don’t go overboard with items and focus on high-quality items people will use, use up, or, at the very least, be able to keep for a very long time. Find items by small businesses on Etsy, items created sustainably/ethically/with recycled materials, and items that can nudge someone towards creating less waste. And don’t forget about experiences (concerts and sports) and non physical items (subscriptions). Happy holidays and…