Summertime Hygge

“Green was the silence, wet was the light,

the month of June trembled like a butterfly.”

― Pablo Neruda

I hope you had a restful summer solstice (for those of you in the Northern hemisphere!) during this difficult time in the world. Remember, it’s important to rest and take care of yourself in order to do your part in bettering the world. Which leads me to some summer self care ideas. When I think of summer, the words cozy/comfortable/hygge don’t necessarily come to mind. In Texas, it’s more along the lines of sticky/oppressive/claustrophobic. Which, for someone like me, who lives for feeling cozy at all times (and hates the feeling of sunscreen), makes summer somewhat difficult for me.… // Continue reading.

Summer Zero Waste Swaps

Living in Texas, I’m used to brutal summers. However, summer came early this year! We’ve already had our 100+ degree days and the humidity is downright oppressive right now. The heat has me thinking about all the little things we can do this summer to cut down on waste.

Ice cream: Get the cone instead of the cup! No wasteful plastic spoon or cup required. And for at home ice cream, I DIY my own 4-ingredient ice cream with our secondhand ice cream maker (it’s so easy)! Also — you can take a pint or quart container to a local ice cream shop and ask if they will fill it up for you.… // Continue reading.