Simple Tip: Save Some Water

I am sure you don’t need a primer on why saving water is important. And there are a ton of tips out there on ways to conserve water. However, I thought I’d share a few small things I do at home to save even a tiny bit of water (beyond the usuals: do full loads of laundry and dishes, turn the taps off, fix leaks, capture rainwater). Hopefully, this will inspire you to do even one more thing in your own homes to use less water.

  • Do all your personal care in the shower. Depending on the time of year, I shower either in the morning or right before bed. Either way, I try and do as much as possible in the shower beyond just cleansing my body. Face masking, face washing, brushing my teeth, emptying out a menstrual cup, and even cleaning the shower all happen while I’m actually… taking a shower. I tend to multitask so I’m never in the shower longer than 7 minutes even though I do all these things in there.
  • Collect some shower water. I’m a proud plant mom. But plant mom-ing definitely requires some water use. My solution for this is to stick my watering container in the shower so that I can use the extra shower water to water the plants. Wins all around.
  • Use up all the water in your water bottles/cups. We’re all guilty of getting ourselves a big glass of water, drinking a sip, and then forgetting about it. Two days later — there it is, still sitting on your nightstand. I end up using this water in my diffuser or to water my plants! You can also use it in a kettle for tea.
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