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New Year Winter Refresh

We could leave the Christmas lights up ’til January
This is our place, we make the rules
– Taylor Swift, Lover

Happy New Year! Instead of resolutions this year, I wanted to share out some things I like to do at the beginning of the year so that my mind, body, soul, home, etc. feel refreshed and ready to go for the new year.


  • Take down the Christmas tree (and put the tree out to compost) and decor. *sigh* It’s sad but it must be done. And don’t just throw everything in a box. Take your time to organize everything as you put it back so everything is ready for next year. This is also when I sadly put up my Christmas mugs (mugs… the one thing I am NOT a minimalist about) BUT it doesn’t mean I’m relegated to sad, boring mugs. Nope — I go all out with seasonal mugs. This year’s mug is this adorable, wintery dog one from Anthropologie that reminds me of my husky, Shadow.
  • Leave up some twinkle lights! It’s the end of Christmas, not the end of winter! I promise a few white twinkle lights will take you through the darkness of January and February with a bit more cheer.
  • This is also a great time to trim back any dead vegetation outside (you know… while you’re taking down Christmas lights…).
  • Pick a new scent (candle or diffuser) for the new year. December might have been heavy on the cinnamon and vanilla type scents but may I suggest a nice winter woods scent?
  • Wash and dry your sofa throws/blankets (stick some balsam fir essential oil on some dryer balls so they smell amazing out of the dryer).


  • Select a few items or services that you’re going to put a “spending freeze” on. Things on my list: eyebrow threading appointments (after 20+ years of threading, I’m finally able to keep my eyebrows looking good at home which is saving me a good 2 hours every 3 weeks); skincare/haircare products (I stock up on the stuff I use during November sales); underwear/pajamas (same thing here, November is my stock-up time); candles (even though I frequently make my own candles, I’m still a sucker for good scents + packaging… so no more candles until I use up all my candle making wax).
  • Return/exchange/give away/resell any gifts that you don’t want/still has a tag on. Don’t hold on to a present you don’t want! BUT be mindful of the environmental cost of returns.
  • Donate or responsibly recycle items that were replaced over the holidays. For me, this was old underwear and pajamas (which get super ratty at my home with the whole… work from home with three dogs thing).
  • Recycle all the packaging/boxes/wrapping that your presents came in.


  • Take a bath and use up all those old bath bombs, salts, lotions, etc. (since I bet you received at least one bath item as a gift!). Give yourself some at-home spa time — treat yo self.
  • Work on a puzzle for a soothing activity. Also, a great way to not spend too much time in front of a screen. I’m loving these unique puzzles that you can frame afterward!
  • Get your nails done (or do your own but I suck at it…). I find that if my nails look good, I overall feel put together (even if I’m in jammies all day). I’m currently loving this pale wintry color.

What are your must-dos for the New Year?

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