Eco-Friendly Work From Home Tidbits

Disclaimer: It’s a privilege to be able to work from home at this time. If you have the means, please donate to your local food pantry and support small businesses.

If, unlike me, it’s your first time working from home — you might be slowly coming to the realization that this could be the “new normal” and that you might be working from home for quite some time. This also means that it might be time to move on from working at the coffee table (at least for part of the day). If you’re looking to create a work from home space in a mindful way — here are some ideas!

Furniture: This probably involves a desk and comfortable chair.
Option 1: See if anything at home could be repurposed as a desk — maybe a console or larger side table? The height should be about 30 inches to be comfortable so if you need to — get creative with cinder blocks or coffee table books (or real risers if you want to be fancy) to up the height. For a chair, commandeer your best dining table chair and call it a day.
Option 2: Thrifting! While we can’t just head out to the thrift store these days, many small businesses that sell vintage furniture are offering free (or low price) contactless delivery. I’ve seen amazing desks, chairs, and everything else you can think of from these sellers on Instagram. (Examples: here and here). This is a win all around because a. you’re supporting a local small business and b. it’s eco-friendly.

Desk and office supplies: Please see post on zero waste/eco-friendly school supplies. But I promise that you probably have a ton of free pens lying around and a random hardcover book that can double as a mousepad/laptop stand/monitor stand/coaster.

Technology: BUY REFURBISHED. Any MacBook I’ve had has been the Apple refurbished kind. But there are also a lot of new sites out there that sell refurbished tech (like this one).

Fun Stuff: It’s a tough time for everyone so, yes, treat yourself to something that makes the work days a bit more cheerful. Here are a few things that I love that do make a difference in my day (eco-friendly or not).

This ambient rain window thing on Youtube.

A little milk frother to make the perfect cup of chai. Along with this chai spices syrup recipe.

These votive candles.

A handcrafted mug. With a mug warmer (found on Warehouse deals).

This muscle gel for a sore back.

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