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Japan and South Korea Haul

Although I aim to live somewhat minimally… I do fall prey to amazing finds abroad. However, I try to be mindful about what I purchase. I do my best to find items that are handmade, unique to the region, consumable, and/or from small shops. Here’s what I picked up from my trip to Tokyo, Kyoto, and Seoul! (The only items not included here are the billion Kit-Kats in different flavors that I picked up for friends!)

cloth napkins
Lovely cloth napkins from a local shop in Nara.
tea cup
Handmade teacup with attached saucer/cover from outside Kyoto.
A vintage haori from Tokyo. So excited to wear this in the fall!
Chopsticks from a small shop in Kyoto.
paper coaster
A coaster made completely out of paper from a little shop in Kyoto.
japanese fan
A very modern fan from Japan.
Senka face wash (the TINIEST amount foams up massively — this tube will last a year) and a cleansing oil refill (to fill my current cleansing oil bottle once I run out).
My sole Seoul (haha — get it) purchase. A South Korea exclusive (for now) it seems.
eyelash curler
The famous Shiseido eyelash curler (so inexpensive in Tokyo)!
cooling patches
My most wasteful purchase but, god, I love it. I used these little stick-on cooling pads almost nightly to soothe my sore muscles and tired feet.
bite bandaid
Little bandaid style stickers to use on bug bites.
The cutest stickers! Obviously, lots of dog ones.

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