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Depending on where you live, it can oftentimes be difficult to find some items in bulk (i.e. without packaging) or even plastic-free items — particularly when it comes to cleaning and certain body care products. Here’s a list of places you can order online for either package free or plastic free products.

Note: I will update this list as I find more shops online!

Package Free Shop: Home, personal, and travel products.

The Refill Revolution: Home (including essential oils!), personal, containers, and pet.

Zero Market:  Home, personal, and containers.

Tiny Yellow Bungalow: Home, personal, and containers.

Wild Minimalist: Home, personal, pet.

The Good Fill: Home, personal, and containers.

Common Good: Home (hand and dish soap).

Lush: Personal (and home of my favorite shampoo bars!).

Plaine Products: Personal (shampoo, conditioner,  lotion, face wash, face moisturizer).

Etsy: Search to your heart’s content for personal, home, and travel products without packaging (or with plastic-free packaging). Many vendors are more than willing to ship items without plastic if you ask!

Amazon Frustration Free Packaging: Items certified frustration free are 100% recyclable.

Wisdom Supply Co.: Low waste office and school supplies.

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