Minimalism + My Yearly Spending Freeze

In an effort to make sure I’m not accruing too much stuff or spending money on things that just aren’t all that necessary — I go on a yearly spending freeze for some period of months (aiming for 6 months this year) just so I use up what I already own. It also helps me reevaluate the things I spend money on and makes me extra mindful of my purchases. Similarly, I also like to evaluate the non-physical things I spend money on (i.e. activities and services) as these things take up time and effort as well as money. Here are the things I’m placing a “spending freeze” on for the next 6 months or so!

– Any skincare/bodycare product that isn’t cruelty free. Also, no backups. I have to use products up first before I purchase a replacement.
– All haircare products. (I have enough for the year + I go through these very slowly to begin with.)
– Seasonal decor. (No impulse clearance holiday decor purchases!)
– Stationary. (Notebooks, cards, wrapping paper, etc.)
– All “new” clothing — everything must be thrifted.

– Eyebrow threading appointments. (After 20 years, I finally figured out how to mostly DIY it with some amazing little blades from Japan.)
– Spa treatments. (The exception being my monthly massage for my shit back. But no impulse facials at the spa, etc.)
– Gym membership/classes. (A mat at home and running shoes are all I need to stay in shape.)
– Movie tickets for movies I can rent at home for cheaper. (I had bought tickets to see Parasite but then found that I could rent it for $1 on Amazon! I need to check to see if movies are available online before purchasing tickets.)
– Home cleaning services. (We would get a deep cleaning done every 6-8 weeks but I’ve decided to do it myself this year as ultimately, I didn’t think it was worth the cost. Especially as someone who actually enjoys cleaning.)

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