Link Round Up

Link Round Up #40

January always feels like the longest month ever. But we made it. Hello February!

Favorites from the week:

Anyone else super proud when they finish a candle?

Living slowly in 2019.

AM or PM showers? (I alternate depending on the time of the year!)

“I?ve come to love my life without children and I wonder how it will be possible to take care of a child when sometimes, I find it quite difficult to take care of myself. I understand this is something maternal magic eventually grinds into selflessness but in the interim, I?m reveling in selfishness. I have plans. I have things I want to do. Sometimes, they don?t involve children. “

Why we’ll look back on our smartphones like cigarettes.
“Like 99% of the value that people actually get out of Facebook, if you put distraction aside, probably requires 20 minutes on Sunday.”

Decluttering vs. buying too much in the first place.

Loved this Q&A with the Crazy Rich Asians costume designer.

And most importantly: Richard Madden or Idris Elba for the next Bond? I DON’T KNOW.

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