Link Round Up

Link Round Up #38

Favorites from the week:

On tidying up with a partner.

A response to that viral article on millennial burnout.
“Often, we move too fast, on autopilot, and as Petersen describes, life is a constant struggle to keep up. Becoming a parent can be an emotional reset.?Am I prescribing parenthood as an antidote for burnout? Of course not. And it doesn?t have to be a child that shakes your worldview and resets your priorities. There are myriad other ways people achieve this kind of reset: a dog, a serious illness, a religious epiphany, ayahuasca.”

The heaviness of clutter.

Decluttering your digital space.

The thing about introverts.

Tips for working from home in the winter.

Things to do beyond refusing a straw.

Composting in an apartment.

A guide to creating a daily uniform.

The freedom of good enough.

And to file for next year: Christmas decorations from the grocery store.

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