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Link Round Up #16

It feels very weird writing anything at all today. We lost a dear friend (also a wonderful wife, special needs teacher, and mother to a beautiful little girl) yesterday. However, she is the one who encouraged me to start this blog, introduced me to my favorite thrift store, contributed to my compost pile, and came with me to my first recycling ambassador kick off meeting. So here we go. I hope to make her proud.

But first. These mental health charities have the most impact.

Favorites from the week:

Plastic free food storage.

Self care on the go.

How the campaign to ban plastic straws got it’s start.

Yay American Airlines for starting efforts to reduce waste.

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  • Reshma Deasi

    So sorry for your loss! I’m sure your friend is very proud of your blog and all your efforts to make our planet a better place.
    Yay for American Airlines! Great to see big companies taking initiatives like this!

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