Fall Bucket List

“And all at once, summer collapsed into fall.” – Oscar Wilde

It’s officially fall here in Dallas (it actually feels downright winter like today), which is wonderful considering what a brutal summer we had. I really enjoy coming up with seasonal bucket lists — it allows me to stay present in the season we’re in and milk every ounce of joy out of the fleeting months of cooler weather. With a list handy, there really isn’t the opportunity to ever say, “I’m bored.” So here are the 20 things I’m hoping to do this lovely season.

1. Bake an apple pie from scratch (go to crust recipe)
2. Make a fall sangria (like this or this)
3. Watch Hocus Pocus (for the first time!)
4. Have a Harry Potter marathon (with homemade butterbeer?)
5. Go to the Dallas Arboretum to see the pumpkins
6. Make upside down pumpkin cake as much as possible (especially for Thanksgiving!)
7. Adopt a cool looking pumpkin from the pumpkin patch
8. Rock muted green nails (my color for the season)
9. Go on a hike and see fall leaves
10. Pass out candy on Halloween
11. Go to a football game
12. Thrift a sweater (I’m loving “confetti” sweatshirts; this is the one I snagged! but I also love this. and this.)
13. Make spiced cider in the crockpot
14. Bake Halloween candy cookies
15. Get warm donuts on a weekend morning + enjoy with hot cider
16. Go to an Ocktoberfest event
17. Take pictures of my dogs in Halloween costumes (I doubt they’d stand still for this)
18. Make up my own fall latte so I don’t have to go to Starbucks
19. Visit some place new with fall foliage (just got back from Ireland… travel guide coming soon!)
20. Do a fall clean out of household items and really ask myself if an item is necessary, useful, or beautiful? If not — out it goes.

My Zero Waste Car Kit

First off, what is a zero waste car kit? Basically — it’s the collection of items you always have stored in your car that’ll help reduce your waste while you are out and about in the world. This includes items needed for grocery shopping, coffee buying, eating out, etc. I love having a car kit because it keeps me from forgetting anything at home and I’m always prepared for any scenario.

So what’s in my kit? And how do you create your own? Gather the following:

1. A cardboard box. I use this to corral all my items together in my trunk so things don’t roll around all over the place. Use whatever you have — a canvas bag, an Amazon box, a reusable shopping bag.

2. Items used when grocery shopping. This includes your reusable shopping bags and produce bags. We all know this, right?

3. Mason jars (I recommend the 16 oz. size). These come in handy for multiple scenarios. You can use them when buying bulk at the grocery store or farmer’s market. Or if you’re craving a frappuccino from Starbucks and your reusable coffee cup won’t hold all the delicious whipped cream. Or you just need some water from the park water fountain. I’ve even gotten a soda in mine from a fast food joint where the only option was the throwaway cup. If you don’t have mason jars, use clean glass pasta sauce or condiment jars.

4.  Eating out items. I have an old fork/spoon and reusable straw wrapped in a cloth napkin ready to go if I’m someplace with only plastic options. I also keep a reusable coffee cup for any on the go hot beverage purchases.

5. Take out container. I have an old lunch box (that was meant to hold a sandwich + 2 “sides”) that I keep in the car for when I need to take home leftovers from a restaurant. Did I feel a little self conscious the first time I shoved enchiladas and leftover rice + beans in my little box from home? Sure. Worth it? Yep. This is a good use for any leftover plastic tupperware containers you have in the house.

And that’s it. Put together whatever you already have at home in a little “kit” and you won’t be caught off guard when out in a world that hasn’t 100% caught on to reducing waste just yet.