Link Round Up #14

We’ve had kind of a nuts week over here as we found two 10 week old husky mix puppies (it appears that they were most likely abandoned) so our house is basically a zoo with 2 puppies, 1 senior dog, and 1 year old pupper. Let me just say… huskies are vocal. The shelter asked if we could foster the puppies for a while longer as they are very full post July 4th and they don’t want the puppies getting sick. So we’ll be taking care of them at least through next Wednesday.

ANYWAYS. Favorites from the week!

How to plan a RELAXING trip. // Continue reading.

Link Round Up #13

Favorites from the week:

This is huge and important — please reduce your plastic use. What happens to the west’s plastics now that China will no longer recycle for them? 

As someone who has only been thrifting clothes for the past 6 months, I agree with much of this! On learnings from not buying anything.

Random acts of kindness for when the world feels like a dumpster fire. (“Clean up a public space!” YES.)

9 things to do before 9 AM.

On buying and selling secondhand sustainable clothing.

Summer Zero Waste Swaps

Living in Texas, I’m used to brutal summers. However, summer came early this year! We’ve already had our 100+ degree days and the humidity is downright oppressive right now. The heat has me thinking about all the little things we can do this summer to cut down on waste.

Ice cream: Get the cone instead of the cup! No wasteful plastic spoon or cup required. And for at home ice cream, I DIY my own 4-ingredient ice cream with our secondhand ice cream maker (it’s so easy)! Also — you can take a pint or quart container to a local ice cream shop and ask if they will fill it up for you.… // Continue reading.

A Zero Waste Period

Oh yeah. We’re gonna talk about it. Like most women who get their periods, I used to use tampons… but ~20 tampons (or pads) a cycle? That’s a lot of waste. And a lot of money. So I started exploring the world of reusable feminine hygiene products. And color me impressed. While initially kind of scary, once I got the hang of all the products (and learned about the different options) — I can confidently say that my periods don’t feel quite so arduous. So let’s go from easiest to hardest with three different reusable period products. 1. Cloth pads 2.… // Continue reading.