Link Round Up #59

Favorites from the week:

“My friendships make me sad.” I liked this one for the response. REAL TALK.

Tips for anyone who goes through depression in the summer.

Why longer summer vacations should be normal in America.

Items made out of recycled water bottles.

A lowkey summer checklist.

The “I deserve it” loophole.

13 things to do for a better week.

Death cleaning.

Slack is ruining my life and I love it.

The how to be happy course. Continue reading...

Plastic Free July Time

I just got back from an epic trip to Japan and South Korea so forgive the lack of posts! I have a lot of travel related content coming up soon. In the meantime, since it IS Plastic Free July — I’ve updated last year’s post. Enjoy!

Happy July! AND Happy Plastic Free July! Started in Australia, Plastic Free July now reaches over 2 million people across the globe. During the month of July, participants commit to reduce and eliminate plastic use. You can choose to 1. Avoid single use plastic packaging 2. Eliminate use of takeaway items (bags, bottles, straws, coffee cups) or 3.… Continue reading...

Link Round Up #58

Favorites from the week:

The ABC’s of minimalism.

Love this eco-friendly straw breakdown from Boba Guys (highly recommend if you are in NY, LA, or SF).

How to mentally cool down this summer.

So cute. Human anatomy according to my dog.

Striking photos that show the environmental decline along the Ganges.

Starter brands for growing a minimalist wardrobe.

Saving this list of airbnbs in Monterey.

The real Full House home is on the market and is gorgeous!

How to deal with a difficult manager.

Sustainable kitchen tools that are built to last. Continue reading...

Minimalist Nighttime Skincare Routine with Differin

Last week, I talked about my minimalist morning skincare routine so, this week, we’re getting into what I use at night. Again, we’re dealing mostly with plastic packaging (except for one metal tube + facial oil in a glass bottle) BUT, overall, a lot fewer products that I have to deal with recycling in general. Also, 4 of the 6 products below are used in my morning routine as well.

1. Origins Cleansing Oil 2. La Roche Posay Gentle Cleanser 3. Drunk Elephant Lala Whipped Cream

Oil Cleanse: I bought this with a Macy’s gift card when I had no idea what else to buy.… Continue reading...