Minimalism + My Yearly Spending Freeze

In an effort to make sure I’m not accruing too much stuff or spending money on things that just aren’t all that necessary — I go on a yearly spending freeze for some period of months (aiming for 6 months this year) just so I use up what I already own. It also helps me reevaluate the things I spend money on and makes me extra mindful of my purchases. Similarly, I also like to evaluate the non-physical things I spend money on (i.e. activities and services) as these things take up time and effort as well as money. Here are the things I’m placing a “spending freeze” on for the next 6 months or so!… // Continue reading.

Simple Tip: Save Some Water

I am sure you don’t need a primer on why saving water is important. And there are a ton of tips out there on ways to conserve water. However, I thought I’d share a few small things I do at home to save even a tiny bit of water (beyond the usuals: do full loads of laundry and dishes, turn the taps off, fix leaks, capture rainwater). Hopefully, this will inspire you to do even one more thing in your own homes to use less water.

  • Do all your personal care in the shower. Depending on the time of year, I shower either in the morning or right before bed.
// Continue reading.

Link Round Up #83

Favorites from the week:

A round up of sustainable, eco-friendly candles.

When buying in bulk is a mistake.

Hygge food.

Love Dwayne Wade’s support of his daughter.

How to recycle old shoes.

A small story + friendly reminder: You can take ANY cup to Starbucks for them to fill with a beverage. When out with coworkers yesterday, they told me that they “don’t have a Starbucks cup so can’t bring their own cup” … to which I replied that they could bring a mason jar… or anything really for their drinks. I was kind of shocked that this wasn’t common knowledge!… // Continue reading.