Top 5 Eco-Friendly Bathroom Swaps

When first making the swap over to more eco-friendly or zero waste products, it’s hard not to wonder if you’ll also be downgrading on quality or efficacy. Fear not, my friends! It is possible to find products that are both good for the environment AND awesome to use. First up — we’ll be exploring the bathroom items.

  1. The item: Conventional toilet paper
    The swaps: Tushy bamboo toilet paper + bidet
    I LOVE this toilet paper. I buy a massive box of 50 (to get the free shipping) and it lasts a year. The toilet paper is soft and not at all scratchy.
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Link Round Up #16

It feels very weird writing anything at all today. We lost a dear friend (also a wonderful wife, special needs teacher, and mother to a beautiful little girl) yesterday. However, she is the one who encouraged me to start this blog, introduced me to my favorite thrift store, contributed to my compost pile, and came with me to my first recycling ambassador kick off meeting. So here we go. I hope to make her proud.

But first. These mental health charities have the most impact.

Favorites from the week:

Plastic free food storage.

Self care on the go.

How the campaign to ban plastic straws got it’s start. // Continue reading.

The Stuff Behind Self Care

Read this article the other day about how self care has become associated with spending money to feel good about ourselves. And hey, sometimes, it works. I get a monthly massage to keep my back from falling apart. Expensive? Yep. Worth it? Also yes. I also enjoy skincare and makeup and manicures and all that stuff. I’ve had expensive gym memberships. BUT.  At it’s core, self care is not about the stuff. It’s about the less sexy things that are crucial to your mental health. For me, it’s the following:

  • Not making too many social plans in one week. As an introvert, I need solid recharge time.
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Link Round Up #15

Favorites from the week:

Starbucks says bye to straws.  This makes me so happy. Is it a perfect plastic-free/zero waste solution? Nope. BUT. Does this mean less straws in our landfills and oceans? Yep. And that’s a great start. As a consumer, it’s important to demand better from companies and to spend money at places that support eco-friendly practices.

Gardening tips for beginners. I’m a crap gardener BUT I still try. This is pretty helpful.

On money and self care. (More on this topic Monday!)

L’Occitane takes your beauty and skincare empties! 

Zero waste utensil wrap for on the go.

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