Link Round Up #87

Wash your hands and embrace your inner #homebody. Lots of love to all.

Favorites from the week:

How to rescue a dog.

Tales from an office manager in Silicon Valley.

Cleaning tasks that are easily overlooked.

On cruelty free beauty products and boycotting brands.

All the supplements one woman takes for her PCOS. (Found this interesting as a fellow PCOS-er.)

Brown in the South.

Dealing with OCD and coronavirus.

Just some beautiful gardens to give you peace.

How to clean your phone.

Cruelty Free Skincare Swaps

Last year, I focused on greatly minimizing my skincare routine (see my morning routine here and nighttime routine here). My skin was a dry mess due to some health issues at the time so my focus was solely on healing. Fast forward to 2020 and my skin is so much better and I seem to have found a system that works. However, on my ongoing quest to make small changes that support a healthier planet, I’ve decided to focus on spending my money on more cruelty free products. (FYI: Cruelty Free Kitty is my go to site on finding brands that that are cruelty free.)… // Continue reading.