Link Round Up #38

Favorites from the week:

On tidying up with a partner.

A response to that viral article on millennial burnout.
“Often, we move too fast, on autopilot, and as Petersen describes, life is a constant struggle to keep up. Becoming a parent can be an emotional reset. Am I prescribing parenthood as an antidote for burnout? Of course not. And it doesn’t have to be a child that shakes your worldview and resets your priorities. There are myriad other ways people achieve this kind of reset: a dog, a serious illness, a religious epiphany, ayahuasca.”

The heaviness of clutter.

Decluttering your digital space.

The thing about introverts.

Tips for working from home in the winter.

Things to do beyond refusing a straw.

Composting in an apartment.

A guide to creating a daily uniform.

The freedom of good enough.

And to file for next year: Christmas decorations from the grocery store.

Link Round Up #36 (and Happy New Year!)

Happy New Year! Hope your first week back to work wasn’t too terrible (my brain is still trying to catch up). My eco-friendly/minimalist resolutions for the year will be coming next week once I’ve had some time to ruminate on them. Until then… 

Favorites from the week:

Sashiko denim repair. (I’ve been trying to be better about repairing my clothes opposed to immediately recycling or donating.)

Plastic free home tips.

Responsibly made underwear options.

10 ingredients to always have on hand. (As a household that cooks a lot, these posts always fascinate me!)

Love the home you live in.

Buzziest wellness trends of 2019. (I’m definitely on board with ALL OF THESE.)

40 things to do to be happier and healthier this year.

Link Round Up #35 (and Winter Solstice!)

Happy Winter Solstice! AKA the shortest day/longest night of the year… the official start of winter… and a time for new beginnings and rebirth. I’m celebrating this year by making a lovely dried orange (zero waste!) garland and doing a big old Italian dinner tonight. Whatever you celebrate… wishing you a happy, restful, holiday season.

Favorites from the week:

Reducing holiday food waste.

Orange zest shortbread cookies (for the leftovers from my dried orange garland making). Along with some pulled tea (my favorite kind of tea!).

Choose your own adventure holiday.

10 experiences to gift this holiday season.

8 women on choosing not to have kids.

Tech company ads and pregnancy loss (something very personal to me). 

2019 calendars.

10 sustainable engagement rings.