Online Zero Waste Buying Resources

Depending on where you live, it can oftentimes be difficult to find some items in bulk (i.e. without packaging) or even plastic-free items — particularly when it comes to cleaning and certain body care products. Here’s a list of places you can order online for either package free or plastic free products.

Note: I will update this list as I find more shops online!

Package Free Shop: Home, personal, and travel products.

The Refill Revolution: Home (including essential oils!), personal, containers, and pet.

Zero Market:  Home, personal, and containers.

Tiny Yellow Bungalow: Home, personal, and containers.

Wild Minimalist: Home, personal, pet.

The Good Fill: Home, personal, and containers.

Common Good: Home (hand and dish soap).

Lush: Personal (and home of my favorite shampoo bars!).

Plaine Products: Personal (shampoo, conditioner,  lotion, face wash, face moisturizer).

Etsy: Search to your heart’s content for personal, home, and travel products without packaging (or with plastic-free packaging). Many vendors are more than willing to ship items without plastic if you ask!

Amazon Frustration Free Packaging: Items certified frustration free are 100% recyclable.



The Little Things

On this election day, I’m inspired by A Cup of Jo’s post on simple pleasures. After the 2016 election (a night I spent crying in my bathtub with a panic attack), I find it important to balance my hunger for change on a large scale with gratitude for the simple things on a personal level. I vote, I volunteer in my city, I donate to candidates/organizations that represent my values, I work a job that aligns with making the world a better place. I read fluffy novels, cuddle with puppies, spend too long figuring out what color to paint my nails, decorate my house to look like a Christmas elf threw up on it. Today is one of those days when I’ve done what I can for the big things (for this tiny moment in time). And now I wait. And focus on the little things. The small pleasures in life that bring joy and gratitude and remind me that life goes on. That both the big things and the little joys can coexist. Here are my simple pleasures:

When the stars align and I make the perfect cup of David Rio iced chai to taste just like the coffee shop version.
Kissing my dogs behind the ears.
The woods near our home on a cold, misty morning.
Scout carrying a too large stick in her mouth on her morning walk.
Shadow sleeping on my stomach while I watch tv.
Jetlag that causes me to wake up at 5 AM and enjoy dawn.
Finally getting a notification that a much wanted book is available at the library.
Reading about first love.
Finding sweatpants that hide dog fur.
Seeing Lord of the Rings come up on the tv guide.
The smell of cold air after a long, hot summer.
Finding something I thought I lost.
Crossing off items on my to do list (in a journal I bought in London).
Watching videos on Youtube on a lazy Sunday morning.
A truly excellent glazed donut.

Mini Ireland Travel Guide

We got back from wonderful Ireland 2 weeks ago after a lovely 9 days exploring the country (as well as Northern Ireland!). While we were warned about the rain, the weather overall was really nice and there were only 2 or so rainy days (and it wasn’t a wash out). Also — I was super impressed with some of the “zero-waste-ness” going on!

Exhibit A: this window of a coffee shop in Dublin.

I frequently saw people walking around with KeepCups on their coffee runs and even went to a pizza restaurant in Galway that had all compostable utensils.

ANYWAYS. Here are some highlights from our trip. As soon as we landed in Dublin, we rented a car and drove over to the Galway area for a few days.

Galway Area

We stayed at the Forster Court Hotel which had the amazing Hyde Bar and Gin Parlour downstairs. Even if you aren’t staying here, I highly recommend getting a gin drink at the bar! (And check out the beautiful decor!)

Cliffs of Moher
About an hour and a half away from Galway is the Cliffs of Moher. We lucked out with this incredible sunny day. I recommend spending a few hours just walking along the cliffs and taking it all in.

Kylemore Abbey + Connemara National Park
On one of the rainy days we had in Galway, we drove through nearby Connemara National Park to get to Kylemore Abbey. The abbey is so atmospheric in this kind of weather! There’s also a Victorian walled garden and some trails you can walk through. It was a lovely way to spend a rainy afternoon.

Dublin Area

Wicklow Mountain National Park + Sheepdog Demonstration
On our drive back from Galway to Dublin, we drove through Wicklow Mountain National Park (where some of P.S. I Love You was filmed!) and had a private sheepdog demonstration with Michael from Irish Working Sheepdogs! This was such a  highlight to learn about sheepdogs and see how they work. And Michael is hilarious and amazing. HIGHLY recommend giving him a call and setting something up if you’re in the area!

In Dublin, we did all the usual tourist hot spots.
– Trinity College to see the Books of Kells and the library
– Bog bodies at the National Museum
– Guinness storehouse
– Dublin Castle
– St. Stephen’s Green
– Ha’penny Bridge
– The Little Museum of Dublin
– Temple Bar

Overall, I found Dublin to be super chill and just a great city to wander around in. Next time we go back, I’d love to see some Irish dancing and check out Kilmainham Gaol (the prison museum which is very highly recommended).

Northern Ireland
We also took a one day tour of Northern Ireland from Dublin, which I highly recommend. However, if I were to do it again, I would’ve liked to keep our rental car and do the tour on our own as it ended up being a massively long day in a very cramped bus. However, the tour allowed us to learn a lot about Northern Ireland’s fascinating history.

In Belfast, we spent a few hours at the Titanic Museum (since Belfast is where the Titanic was built) and then some time wandering the streets. The museum was beautiful, however, I’ve been to the Titanic Artifact Exhibition in Vegas which I found to be more interesting since you can see actual artifacts from the Titanic. The Titanic Museum was a bit more informational and had a lot about the industries in Belfast during the early 1900s.

Dark Hedges
Recognize this? Yep, it’s a Game of Thrones filming location! The Dark Hedges stood in for parts of the Kingsroad. Very cool. (You can also take a full on Game of Thrones tour through Northern Ireland if that’s your thing!)

Giant’s Causeway
Finally, another highlight of the trip… Giant’s Causeway! 40K interlocking basalt columns on the sea. We could’ve spent hours here… 2 hours wasn’t enough as there are a handful of small hikes/walks that can be done in the area. But I absolutely recommend coming here even if you do nothing else in Northern Ireland!